4486 Route 130 North, Burlington, NJ, United States

Tournament Rules

Every Friday Night 

$30.00 Entry Fee

7:30pm Check-in ~ 8:00pm Start

$100 Added to the Prize Fund 1st Sunday of each month
courtesy of Burlington Bowl & Recreation Center

• 80% of 250 Handicap
• Highest 2015- 2016 Book Average/Fall Average
• If No Average Bowler must bowl scratch
• The center reserves the right to re-rate any bowler who    drops more than 10 pins off their entering average


• Bowlers will Bowl 3 games across 6 lanes (moving right)
• Total pin fall plus handicap will determine step ladder      finals (top 5)
• #5 bowler bowls # 4, winner plays #3, and so on (one      game each step)
• All finalists (top 4) each week will cash!
• The winner of the stepladder finals will receive his/her      share of the prize money in  accordance with the prize    from distribution schedule, and than bowl one                  game against the reigning King/Queen of the Hill for        bragging rights and a few more dollars
• Bowlers will be rerated after 6 games and average            adjusted
• 5th place bowler will be given free entry for the                  following week (minimum 16 tournament entries)

Prize Fund Distribution

K/Q of the Hill - 15%
1st - 40%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - Free Entry For Following Week

• King/Queen of the Hill will be given free lineage                 ($10.00) in the  next tournament
• King/Queen of the Hill must pay the $15 prize money if   he/she wishes to bowling in the next tournament
• King/Queen of the Hill pays nothing if he/she only              wants to defend    their crown during the next                    tournament

* For every entry we will take $1.00 out of the lineage to      be automatically entered into a High Game Pot                  (scratch) 290-Men/275-Women

Good Luck & Good Bowling!!

* No junior blowers allowed. Tournament may not interfere with any scholastic scholarship programs. 

* Tournament Director and/or Burlington Bowl Management will settle all disputes and revise rules as necessary

8/26/17 - Congrats CJ Calderon on becoming King of                   the Hill

Past King/Queen

of the Hill 


Current  King of the Hill